Director Desk

A Chairman's Commitment
It is my privilege to be an active member of the worldwide, endlessly creative Biscuit manufacturing community. And it gives me great satisfaction that all my Products and Services bring pleasure to so many.

Bakery as a science and an art, has evolved over centuries of experimentation and the creativity of Master Bakers round the world. Bread, cookies, pastries, biscuits, each one carries a great heritage. What began as a simple mixture of flour and water, baked to make it more palatable, and laterenlivened with a whole pantry of ingredients - butter, sugar and yeast to syrups, milk, fruit nuts and spices – has now become an indispensable ingredient of life across the world and a leading-edge food processing industry as well.

Our company - Raja Biscuits Industries Pvt. Ltd., established on 12th November 2002- is among the most modern bakery emerging in the country. Sophisticated equipment, refined technology processes, and trained, qualified, skilled, and professional human resources are its hallmarks. Add to this market-driven management, customer-centric operations, intensive R&D, best practices in biscuit manufacturing, high-grade raw materials, and ingredients, and it gives you a product range whose quality and innovativeness match or surpass that of the brand leaders.

Integral to the Raja Biscuit value chain is the core commitment of taking the customer from simple satisfaction to complete enjoyment. And based on this premise, the company is striving to achieve a pre-eminent position in the Indian Biscuit Industry and become a benchmark for quality biscuits, good health, and true taste. That is my company's commitment and I endorse it fully.

Welcome to the House of Raja Biscuits. The pleasure will be all yours.
L. P. Gupta